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Let’s have a coffee together!”. How often we hear and say such a phrase: a cup of espresso is the very symbol of the Italian dolce vita, in spite of its bittersweet taste, and it symbolizes the pleasure of an informal meeting, shorter than a meal, but where friendships, fecund exchanges and profitable ideas may blossom.

In Bach’s Leipzig there weren’t the Italian coffee and espresso machines, but coffee itself wasn’t missing at all, together with its inebriating flavour and its convivial dimension. At the “Cafè Zimmermann” Bach, Telemann and other friends met frequently, in order to spend time and make music together; and in the midst of coffee cups, the world witnessed the birth of many of Bach’s instrumental masterpieces.

As is well known, Bach dedicated to the delicious hot drink one of his Cantatas, the “Coffee Cantatas”, i.e. the work by him which most closely resembles a comic opera. The protagonist is a girl who is very fond of coffee, and who has to negotiate with her stern father between the love’s or coffee’s delights: wisely, she chooses the former, knowing that, sooner or later, she will be able to enjoy the latter as well!

The video series “A coffee with” wishes therefore to offer our followers the pleasure of having coffee together, the joy of meeting and talking about music (and much more), and the possibility of doing this within an informal though not shallow context. We will invite, with you and on your behalf, both musicians and musicologists who are at the forefront of the Italian and international stage, and we’ll chat with them in the relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere of a “virtual”... “Cafè Zimmermann”

1. A coffee with - Enrico Dindo

Chiara Bertoglio e Maria Borghesi

discuss with the cellist Enrico Dindo

about his edition and his recording of the Suites per violoncello e of the importance of this collection for a musician's education and professional life.

2. A coffee with - Ruth Tatlow

Chiara Bertoglio e Maria Borghesi

discuss with the musicologist Ruth Tatlow

of her researches at the Uppsala University and her activities as founder and Chair of the Council of the Bach Network

3. A coffee with - Elena Camoletto e Claudio Chiavazza

Chiara Bertoglio e Maria Borghesi

discuss with the founders of the Coro Filarmonico "Ruggero Maghini", a professional and amatoriale choir specialised in the Bach's repertoire, e two of the main characters to the Festival "BackTOBach" in Turin, the most important Bach festival in Italy

4. A coffee with - Elena Camoletto e Claudio Chiavazza

Chiara Bertoglio e Maria Borghesi

chats with Mauro Masiero and Federico Toffano, co-founders of the Association BACHaro Tour and organizer a Bach festival in Venice

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