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Coro and Accademia Maghini

Choir Masters: Claudio Chiavazza, Elena Camoletto

Singing Bach - Festival "BackTOBach"

In 2015, the Coro Maghini of Turin celebrated its twentieth birthday. By chance, that year it was invited to participate in the performance of J. S. Bach's Mass in B Minor along with the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della Rai conducted by Ottavio Dantone.  This led the Coro Maghini to affirm an essential component of its identity. Indeed, already in 2003 (again together with the OSN Rai conducted byJeffrey Tate), the Coro Maghini had performed Bach's great Mass for the first time; from then on, the choir had participated in other important performances of Bach's masterpieces, such as the St. John Passion (in 2005, with the OSN Rai and Gianandrea Noseda; in 2010, with Alessandro De Marchi and the Academia Montis Regalis), the Magnificat (in 2005 with Helmuth Rilling, in 2007 and 2008 with the Academia Montis Regalis and Alessandro de Marchi in Palermo, Milano, Torino, Alba, Chivasso) and the St. Matthew Passion  (in 2007, conducted by Helmuth Rilling). These great productions were accompanied by other performances, such as the complete Motets (2009, festival MiTo Settembre Musica). On other occasions, Bach's Cantatas were also performed, including the Christmas Oratorio; the Choir also sang the G-major Lutheran Mass (in 2014, for the Accademia Stefano Tempia and later at MiTo Settembre Musica) and other works by Johann Sebastian and by other members of the Bach family. 

The Bachian vocation of the Choir gave birth, in 2011-2, to a project of education and concerts called "Cantare Bach" ("Singing Bach"), realized by the Accademia Maghini. It was a course comprising six seminars (individual singing lessons, choir rehearsals, musicological lectures) through which new singers were selected and prepared for joining the Coro Maghini for yet another performance of the St. John Passion with the OSN Rai (March 2012, once more with Helmuth Rilling). 

This initiative was proposed again in 2013-4 with the B-Minor Mass (which was performed in Innsbruck, in 2014, at the famous Early Music Festival, and in Turin in 2015, conducted by Alessandro De Marchi); in 2015-6, with a course focussing on the Motets for Double Choir by J. S. Bach and other composers of the Leipzig Thomaskirche. In 2016-7 another course, titled "Jesu meine Freude", was centered on Bach's Motets, which were performed on April 8th (Regie Sinfonie, "I musici di santa Pelagia") and on July 8th (Festival dei Saraceni, 50th edition). 

The closing event of the year 2015 was worth celebrating; thus the Accademia Maghini organized the first edition of BackTOBach, which at the time was a kind of a mini-marathon comprising a listening guide, a short concert, three performances in various locations in the Turin city centre, and a series of organ performances in several churches of the city. This zero edition was so successful that it encouraged the Accademia to transform it into a true festival, in December 2016, with events in Turin, Cuneo and the surrounding area (from November 26th to December 7th). 

Since 2017, thanks to a convention with the Culture Office of the Region Piedmont, BackTOBach became an affirmed reality, which participated in the early music project Intrecci barocchi (a network of musical institutions operating in Turin and Piedmont). The 2017 edition of the festival included a performance of Bach's Cantata BWV 147 and of Telemann's Magnificat, sung by the choir of the Accademia Maghini which had followed an itinerary of preparation similar to those of the preceding years, while the great conclusion of the 2018 edition was the performance of the first three Cantatas of J. S. Bach's Christmas Oratorio. 

In 2019, BackTOBach will include a performance of Bach's St. John Passion in which the choir of the Accademia (which will sing all the choruses after a one-year itinerary of preparation) will sing side by side with a larger ensemble in which amateur singers will be invited to join, after a shorter preparation focussing on the Chorales.   

The Accademia Maghini was founded in 2005 to complement and support the activity of the Coro Filarmonico Ruggero Maghini, and it became a reference point for the education of singers and choristers, as well as a cultural force promoting projects joining education and performance. The Accademia organized (from 2006 to 2016) a concert season called Musica nei luoghi dello Spirito, in which musical masterpieces were performed within places of interest both artistic and spiritual. 

The Choir of the Accademia, conducted by Elena Camoletto, is constantly renewed on the basis of educational and musical projects. Along with the Choir Master, the singers' preparation is entrusted by Antonio Abete, Renata Colombatto, Svetlana Skvortsova and Teresa Nesci.

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