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About jsbach.it

jsbach.it is a portal gathering information about Italian initiatives, resources and projects focussing on Johann Sebastian Bach. 


The project stems from an idea by Chiara Bertoglio and Maria Borghesi and from their recent research about the reception of and studies about Bach in Italy. Contrary to common belief - both in Italy and abroad - the German composer is among the most beloved by the Italian audiences, and many initiatives have been created to honour him. However, what was missing for a long time was a common space where such projects could be gathered together, and the possibility of coordinating and disseminating this variety of creative potential. 


jsbach.it, thus, has two main goals. Firstly, to create an interdisciplinary community where information is found and shared about the reception of Bach in Italy, about existing realities connected to his figure and music, as well as useful resources for research and dissemination. Moreover, jsbach.it aims at favouring the creation and development of new projects dedicated to Johann Sebastian Bach. 


The portal is a collective space, living thanks to the cooperation of musicologists, musicians, students, cultural promoters and music lovers, who are kindly asked to participate by sharing information about initiatives, current projects, resources and suggestions for the site's better fruition.


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Further information about it

Read the manifesto of jsbach.it presented in Dresden at the conference "J. S. Bach at the Dawn of 2020" in the occasion of the launch of the website: find it here