Francesco Leprino

Filmaker, musicologist, musician


Bach: a Docufilm in DVD

Between 2008 and 2011 I realized a film called "Sul nome B.A.C.H." ("On the name B.A.C.H."), subtitled "Counterpoints with the Art of Fugue. It was a journey from Eisenach to Lübeck, following in Bach's footsteps, and into one of his most iconic and absolute works. 

My life has been full of things of a varied nature, with centrifugal and curious experiences: from the youthful experiences as a rock guitar player, to an experimental LP in the Seventies (reissued for four times by various labels, the last time in 2015), from the studies in law, musicology and composition, to the organization of music, to the cooperation for more than ten years with the most important music publisher, to the publishing of books and essays, to the editing of journals and books. 

Later, in 1995, the love for music joined cinema, the physical place in which I was (literally) born and grew up, and focalised on the audiovisual dimension, with university courses, seminars, lectures, master classes, and, moreover, with anthology and experimental video, documentaries and (docu)films. 

And here are some of the commissions I received: Milano Musica, Conservatorio Verdi, Provincia di Milano, Orchestra Verdi, Centro San Fedele di Milano, Teatro Regio di Torino, Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Società Italiana di Musicologia, Amici del Loggione del Teatro alla Scala…
There were positive reviews, selections and awards in famous Festivals, important broadcast in TV programs, screenings in several hundreds of prestigious institutions (in Italy, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, United States, Malta). 

Authors and writers of the standing of José Saramago, Douglas Hofstadter, Alberto Basso, Quirino Principe, Gillo Dorfles, Salvatore Natoli…, actors such as Bruno Ganz, Carlo Cecchi, Arnolfo Foà, Sonia Bergamasco…, musicians and composers as Tom Koopman, Stefano Bollani, Salvatore Sciarrino, Giorgio Gaslini, Gustav Leonhardt, Ramin Bahrami, Hilliard Ensemble… are among those who have participated in these works, which are unique in their putting music at the centre, and the fiction in the background. 

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