This page lists some of the most important monographic recordings of Bach's works by Italian artists, or by artists who regularly work in Italy. These include both historically informed performances and those on modern instruments, as well as transcriptions of Bach's works. This list does not aim at comprehensiveness; however, this website is constantly updated, and we are thankful to those who will let us know about omissions (while apologizing in advance for these). 

Ed. by Chiara Bertoglio and Pier Francesco Micciché

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By clicking here you will get access to a searchable database whose results can be sorted by BWV, by performer, by year, by label etc.; whereas, by clicking on the following links, you will get access to subsections organized by time slots, where the recordings' covers and some information about their content will be found:


By observing this rich catalogue, a few major undertakings are worth noting, among which the recordings of Bach's complete organ works: the first of these has been the joint work of four organists, including the Italians Parodi and Vanoni, already in the Sixties; later, and after the recording project by Alessio Corti, the organist Stefano Molardi has both recorded Bach's complete works in one production, and participated in another great project ("Bach Family", 2018), in which Turri, Scandali and himself have recorded the complete organ works by the Bach family. Exciting projects in progress include two publications by Da Vinci Classics, i.e. the complete keyboard works performed on the piano by Pietro Soraci in partnership with Bärenreiter, and "Bach&Italy" by Chiara Bertoglio.

It is also possible to observe which works seem to have stimulated most the attention of Italian performers: for example, the Goldberg Variations were recorded by at least eleven pianists (not including those who recorded the transcriptions for two pianos by Rheinberger and for solo piano by Busoni), by six harpsichordists, by two guitarists, by one organist and one orchestral ensemble. Along with such milestones of the Bach repertoire, however, other lesser-known gems are also recorded, with particular attention to those which have connections with Italy (such as the Italian Concerto or Bach's transcriptions from Italian models). 

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