Valledacqua 2020 - Bach's Pentecost Cantatas

29 May - 2 June 2020

Valledacqua, Monastery

Course about Bach's Pentecost Cantatas

by Chiara Bertoglio -​

On the occasion of Pentecost, the Christian feast when the Holy Spirit's descent is remembered, pianist, musicologist and theologian Chiara Bertoglio will teach a residential course about Bach's Pentecost Cantatas. The German composer was in charge of the musical aspect of the Lutheran worship, and, in the course of several years, he wrote several Pentecost Cantatas (BWV 34, 59, 73, 172). 

This course will discuss:

  • The composer's theological context: the specific aspects of the Lutheran view, but also the fact that Bach's music is appreciated beyond the confessional boundaries. The lecturer is an expert of the theology of music between Catholicism and Protestantism, in her capacity as the author of Reforming Music, a reference monograph about music and the Reformations of the Sixteenth Century.

  • The Biblical and non-Biblical lyrics employed by the composer for these works

  • The composer's musical style, of which the lecturer is also a specialist

  • The spiritual perspective emerging from all the above.

There will be numerous recorded examples, the possibility of a friendly and cordial encounter among and with the participants, the possibility of taking part in the moments of worship, silence and prayer of the Monastic Community. 

The course is open to all participants: no previous theological or musical knowledge is required.

The course's language will be Italian.


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