By joining you will support the scientific research and popularization activities by the first Italian community dedicated to Johann Sebastian Bach members will receive  benefits specifically designed for them, which include:


  • Dedicated digital content. Video presentations of Italian musical and musicological projects regarding Bach, information articles on discography and readings, listening guides for the most famous compositions of Bach and "Trivia" about the history of the Italian reception of Bach


  • Discounts on the publications by some of the main Italian music and musicological publishers ( L February 13, 2020, n.15 ).


  • A quarterly newsletter containing detailed information on concerts and events about Early and Baroque Music presented by the main Italian institutions, and updates on the most recent musicological publications and recordings.


Finally, after registration, you will receive, along your membership card, a small initial gift :

  • Ordinary Member : Cotton shopper with the logo of

  • Supporting Member : Cotton shopper with the logo of + CD "Bach & Italy" by pianist Chiara Bertoglio (Da Vinci label)

  • Benefactor Member : Coffe cup of "A coffee with", the digital broadcast in which great musicians tell their passion and their work + CD "Bach & Italy" by pianist Chiara Bertoglio (Da Vinci label)


Environmental policy ♻️ supports the environment by using packaging made with 100% recycled and further recyclable materials.

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