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The portal is founded on the concept of cooperation and sharing. We are therefore thankful for sending us information about realities, projects and publications about Bach in Italy, as well as for all suggestions on how to improve this website. We kindly ask you to use the following forms.


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  • For research projects, books, articles, publications: 

    • Author, Title, [Journal name or essay collection], [Journal number]​, Publication year, Publisher, [Page numbers];

  • For original musical works, transcriptions, arrangements etc. inspired by Bach:

    • Composer, Title, Performers, Composition date, Publication date, Publisher, [Recordings], [Links]

  • For dissertations and theses:

    • Author, Title, University, Academic Year, Supervisor(s), [Pdf link if available]​

  • For web resources:​

    • Author, Title, Web address​

  • For audio/video recordings:​

    • Composer, Title [including opus number and key, if applicable], Performers, Recording date and place​, [Producer or publishing company], Links [e.g. CD's webpage, SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo address etc.]

  • For festivals and concert seasons:​

    • Place(s) [Halls, cities...], Organiser, Date(s), Website

  • For concerts:​

    • Musical programme (composer, title, performers), Place, Date, Web address 

Every submission should also include a short description (abstract) not exceeding 250 words, in Italiano and/or in English, illustrating the project to a non specialist audience. 

We regret that we won't be able to publish the incomplete submissions.

We also regret that we won't be able to publish the submission lacking the authorisation to publication. 

The site staff has the right to approve or not the publication of any submission. 

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