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JSBach.it is the Italian association aiming at creating, favouring, promoting and disseminating initiatives, resources and projects focusing on Johann Sebastian Bach.


The project was created by Chiara Bertoglio and Maria Borghesi, as an outgrowth of their recent research on the state of Italian initiatives and studies about Bach. Since several decades, Bach has become one of the Italian audiences’ favourite composers and the protagonist of numerous events. However, for a long time Italy lacked a common space to which such projects could converge, and a catalyst for coordinating and for making this diversity heard.


JSBach.it was created with two main goals. Firstly, to create an interdisciplinary community: for finding and sharing information, for contributing studies about the reception of Bach in Italy, the presence of realities focusing on him and on his music, and useful resources for research and popularization. Secondly, JSBach.it aims at fostering the creation and development of new projects about the composer from Leipzig.


The activities of JSBach.it encompass various fields, and are tailored on the needs of musicologists, musicians, and the larger community of all Bach-lovers.

As concerns professionals, JSBach.it develops new research projects, maintains large databases on Italian publications and recordings about Bach and favours and implements connections with the most important Bachian institutions worldwide. Moreover, JSBach.it advertises and disseminates information about new Italian contributions in the Bachian field.

However, we also believe that music and culture are for all. Thus JSBach.it promotes events for the larger public, such as explorations of historical sources and places connected with Bach, series of readings and listening guides for familiarising with Bach’s music, and short videos presenting current research. Moreover, it broadcasts Un caffè con JSBach.it (“A coffee with JSBach.it”), a series of video and audio podcasts offering short virtual encounters with the protagonists of the Italian and international Bach-world; in a simple, direct and informal fashion, they chat with us about how and why they decided to dedicate their life to the music of Bach.


JSBach.it is a collective and dynamic space, living thanks to the cooperation of musicologists, musicians, students, cultural promoters and amateurs who are invited to participate in this project by telling us about initiatives, current projects, resources and advice.


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Further information:

Read the manifesto of jsbach.it presented in Dresden at the conference "J. S. Bach at the Dawn of 2020" in the occasion of the launch of the website: find it here

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